Dignity and Respect Policy


Colne Family Doctors is committed to ensuring that all people using our services experience a service which upholds their dignity.

Principles for achieving a high quality service that respects peoples dignity

Colne Family Doctors has a zero tolerance of all forms of abuse.

The Practice recognises that abuse can take many forms including physical, emotional, financial, sexual, institutional, neglect and discriminatory. The Practice adheres to the Safeguarding adults and children policies and procedures.

Colne Family Doctors expects that all staff support people with the same

respect they would want for themselves or a member of their family

People should be cared for in a courteous and considerate manner, at all times.


Colne Family Doctors expects all staff to treat each person as an individual

The attitude and behaviour of managers and staff help to preserve individual people’s identity and individuality. Staff should agree with people how they would like to be addressed. Staff should take the time to assess and understand people’s individual needs.


Colne Family Doctors expects all staff to enable people to maintain the maximum possible level of independence, choice and control

People receiving services are helped to participate as partners in decision-making about the care and support they receive. People are encouraged and supported to take responsibility for managing their care themselves in conjunction with, when needed, care staff and other information and support services.


Colne Family Doctors expects all staff to listen and support people to express

their needs and wants

People are provided with information in a way that enables them to reach agreement in care planning and exercise their rights to consent to care and treatment.


Colne Family Doctors expects all staff to respect peoples’ rights to privacy

Personal space is available and accessible when needed. Areas of sensitivity which relate to modesty, gender, culture or religion and basic manners are fully respected. People are not made to feel embarrassed when receiving care and support.


Colne Family Doctors expects all staff to ensure people feel able to complain

without fear of retribution

People have access to the information and advice they need. Staff support people to raise their concerns and complaints with the appropriate person. Concerns and complaints are respected and answered in a timely manner.


Colne Family Doctors expects all staff to engage with family members and carers as care partners

Relatives and carers experience a welcoming ambience and are able to communicate with staff as contributing partners.


Colne Family Doctors expects all staff to assist people to maintain confidence

and a positive self esteem

The care and support provided encourages individuals to participate as far as they feel able. Care aims to develop the self-confidence of the person receiving services, actively promoting well-being.



Monitoring and evaluation

Implementation of the principles within this policy will be monitored through patient feedback questionnaires.

Ensuring patients are aware of this policy

Colne Family Doctors will promote this policy through its Practice leaflet, website and posters in the waiting room.